Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hello everyone, Well its been awhile since my last post but here I am still kickin and creating amazing art.
And I am still in eureka springs arkansas for now at least. Just wanted to pop in and say Hi!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My first blog!

Hello everyone out there in blogger land! My name is David Rush and I am an artist in eureka springs Arkansas. I work in several mediums but my main art form is copper, I paint on copper with a blowtorch and I make copper wire jewelry and last but not least copper bonsai trees that are beaded. I also have a line of products called Celebrate Life! they are my flame painted copper images on tshirts,mugs,etc... they can be seen at I started creating at a really young age and even though I have worked in my life I have always done art in one form or another I was a chef for many years as well as a massage therapist.Now I do custom matting and framing and art I hope to open a shop soon to sell all of my work as I create daily so I have quite an inventory. I am also in a relationship with an artist she is an amazing painter and photographer so we have more than enough art to set up our own shop in downtown eureka springs. Now more about the celebrate life series and the amazing way it all came about its kind of a crazy yet interesting story. On june the 6th 2011 I awoke to a heart attack yes thats right I was having a massive heart attack, not a good way to begin the day at all, well a week later after five heart bypasses my life was for all intents and purposes changed forever. After the early shock of it all and a long and painful recovery ahead I had alot of time to really reevaluate my life and what I wanted to do with the rest of it. Well I came to some interesting realizations like most people I had always worked for someone else always dreaming of just being an artist with my own business but I had bills to pay so I always maintained a job always the good loyal employee I also had dreams of traveling and sharing my art with galleries and people across the country and I always said as soon as I saved up enough money I would do this as well and like so many others this day never came as I had bills that just had to be paid. Well let me tell you when I hear the phrase tomorrow is promised to no one I pay close attention becouse my life almost ended on that day in june. so I decided to quit making excuses as to why I could not live my life the way I wanted and just do it!!!  so please everyone dont give in to the dollar and dont wait to live life becouse you may not have the time, live now! and all these new realizations led me to creating my celebrate life art series becouse that is the message I want to leave the world to dance like no one is watching. So here i am healing nicely and with a whole new perspective on life.And so it begins. Well this was my very first blog and I must say it is kinda fun as I am not the kind of person who really opens up very well but everything now is about learning new things and new ways of doing things so I will continue to blog as I find it very therapeutic anyway that is all for now.